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Cathy was ahead by a nose, Come to the Spokane Interstate Fair
we are hoping for a rematch

Spokane Interstate Fair,   Sept. 15, 16  Cathy Sturman

Its official!! We now have a permanent home. Our addy is: Please change us in your Favorites The other 2 addresses will cease to redirect you in 60 days

Hell's Canyon Mule Days,   Enterprise Oregon
Sept 7-9

Work Party   (Trail Restoration)   Hughes Mdw.   to Gypsy Mdw.   : details call 509-276-6226
Sept 14-17

Spokane Interstate Fair,   Longear Show,  Sept, 15-16
Becky Hoel   509-276-4151

Northwest Pattern Racing Association -Sept,15-16
for directions call Jill Browning  509-448-7871

Draft Horse International, Sandpoint, Id - Sept,21-22

Saddle Mountain Mule Marathon Sept,28-30
Newport, Wa. Cody Francis - 509-447-5764 -



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